In-Home Therapy (Child First)

Child First is intended to reach the most vulnerable young children and families at the earliest possible time. Child First teams work with families in the home to prevent and heal emotional and behavioral disturbances, as well as developmental and learning problems, that can result from traumatic early childhood experiences.

This Includes Families Who

  • Feel overwhelmed by the behavior or emotions of young children
  • Have experienced violence or trauma
  • Feel stressed and hopeless
  • Need support and services for their child and other family members

Who is Eligible?

  • Children from birth through five years of age.
  • Children with very difficult behaviors or delays in their development of learning, (such as anger and fighting, risk of being expelled from childcare, sadness, or painful experiences).
  • Families with many stresses (such as feeling overwhelmed, alone or hopeless, fighting in the home, drug use, homelessness, not enough money for food and rent, or involvement with the child welfare system.

Affiliate agencies will work with you to determine if Child First is the best fit for you and your family. We can also link to other services and resources to make sure your family receives the best care possible.

Child first services are available in English, Spanish and other translations.

The Goals of Child First?

Our Child First Team is there to support and help you. We will work together with you and your child so that:

  • Your child is happy and healthy, without behavior problems!
  • Your child is learning and successful in school and in life.
  • You can be a strong, kind, wise, and loving parent or caregiver.
  • You do not feel stressed and overwhelmed by the past and present challenges in your life.
  • Your family connects with community based support and services that you want and need.
  • You can feel confident and focused so that you can reach your own goals for the future.

For More Information

With funding support from Trillium Health Resources, Child First provides enhanced services to those previously offered by the Child-Parent Partners Program.

If you are interested in getting services from Child First, and you live in Dare, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Currituck, Gates, Camden, or Chowan:

Call: (252)338-5658
Fax: (252)338-0879

You can also find out more information on the Child First website,