Let’s Hide in Plain Sight – No Show Family Picnic

Your ABSENCE is requested at Kids First Let’s Hide in Plain Sight – No Show Family Picnic!

Rather than going to another event, help support Kids First’s mission of providing Help, Healing, and Hope to the children of Northeastern NC by participating in our Hide in Plain Sight Spring Picnic.

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This gathering will never take place, and you don’t have to give up a precious evening or weekend to attend one more event. That being said, WE NEED YOUR HELP, just not in person… so stay home, hang out in your backyard, and enjoy time with family and friends.

Below is a list of items that NOT asking you to bring to the picnic.  Instead, see what you CAN contribute to Kids First instead.

  • Paper Plates & Cups – $5
  • Chips & Dip – $10
  • Sodas – $15
  • Buns for Hamburgers & Hot Dogs – $20
  • Condiments – $20
  • Salad Fixings – $25
  • Hamburgers & Hot Dogs – $40
  • Corn on the Cob – $30
  • Barbequed Ribs – $60
  • Ribeye Steaks – $75
  • Ice Cream – $50
  • Cupcakes – $75

For Kids First, it means that we don’t have to find a venue, vendors, organize a raffle, or plan a program for a one-day event. Instead, we can continue focusing on providing Hope, Healing, and Help to the children we see.

Kids First’s goal is to raise $36,000 for Child Abuse Prevention month. Your membership and additional support are vital. Grants fund specific projects, but gifts from members like you cover Kids First’s day-to-day operations.

For questions, contact Denise Perry at 252-338-5658.